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Dr. Hale, on " The Action, Selection, and Administration of Drugs."

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tant motor and sensory tracts ; thus giving rise to

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characteristic colic, and the presence of a tumor in the

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we would urge those seeking advice to report their results, whether good or bad. In all cases please give the

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tions of the above Board in October, were admitted diplomates in

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section is not regarded as really aiding thorough examination,

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The most frequent termination of gastric ulcer is no doubt in conva-

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physiologic mechanism of central speech formation is, therefore, required. A more

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ing an irregular, and more or less Mty mass, these masses giving rise to the appear-

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a state of consciousness. The patient was washed all over

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bent forward. The complaint frequently lasts for some years with-

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tion, I then presented a series of double rubber tubes

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•was taken by the Right Hon. Lord Abingor, Vice-President.

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ning up to thirty milliamperes, contrary to the tenets of the

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surface having a yellowish-red color throughout; the

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4. Four antiperiodics : Cinchonea, and its alkaloids,

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than when it exists alone, provided, as is usually the case, this murmur be

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Diagnosis of Intestinal Perforation by Means of Ether

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never succeeded in obtaining an infection of the rat by means of the

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neighbouring parts. We must not, however, conclude that the

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encouragement in those healthy pursuits or hobbies which prevent intro-

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needs as much, or more, emphasis than matters pertain-

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first period of the disease in every case of mitral stenosis, but

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to be the pituitary gland, probably the posterior lobe. In the fifth place, these

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was observed, the use of this medicine was protracted to the

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Differential Diagnosis. — The respective course may

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inside the Directory’s cover to notify of changes in

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Variations in size of the red elements with perhaps

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less of saturation up to complete saturation, is of small ac-

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penia. The differential count shows a relative increase in number of eosinophils

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In other words, in these very chronic cases. of nephritis dropsy is generally

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the faradaic current broke more frequently than when used to

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the most successful treatment in cases in which the fetus and

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liness is necessary here as elsewhere, and the usual antiseptic

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in finding the chief ingredients to be acetanilid and

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