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varying in extent is very commonly present. The same is true of emphy-
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treatment). N. York M. J., 1885, xlii, 180-182.— ITIecray
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riding, jumping, and other forms of exercise, and that the pain may occa-
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Of the entire 29 cases, 12 died, 16 recovered, and the result in 1 was
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PEDIATRIC USE: Safety and effectiveness in children have not been established.
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The sutures can be removed without disturbing the limb, and cleanliness is
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It is also a more stable preparation than chloroform, being less
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in the diagnosis of certain obscure surgical lesions of the
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In 1920 Minot and Weld (14) examined 160 specimens of umbilical cord
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goes. In Cases XXV and XXVUI the structure was " cylinder-cancroid "
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Thus fraud and quackery flourish ; every man is supposed to
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anticipated these sentiments of the Report may be inferred
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andpale skin, and sudden death, preceded by a very feeble and frequent,
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Diagnosis. — ^This is readily made when we have a combination of the
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personal friend of the last patient of the first series, resided close b_y, was with
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Ten per cent, watery solution of aceto tartrate of aluminum, 3% of pyro-
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pare for careers in medicine, nursing, dentistry, pharmacy, and allied health fields. Funds
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would be more cases of urinary incontin'ence than Mr.
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scanty and high-coloured, and the pulse increasing in frequency —
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cinosis in a case of general paresis. In addition to
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a systematic treatise. It will be useful to the practitioner who has time
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from 103° to 105° F. for some time. Marked nervous
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place. Neither does the discharge of serum from the
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bodies, with a membrane having a double contour. These elements were
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a continuous decline ; and in most cases, if not in all, the
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In 1908 Brook defines diathermasia as the effect of heat on the thermotaxic
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7. Starling Medical CoUege, Columbus, Ohio. — Prof. Starling Loving.
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cesses of the cells are described as stunted, and covered with nuclei ; and
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the most sagacious practitioner would refer to the organ affected.