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areas of necrotic tissue of a yellowish color, resting on a firm, yellowish-

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addition of nutritive preparations to milk, are able to form a decision as to the action

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tageous. It is to the credit of Harris Lithia Water that it has no adverse critics

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severe inflammatory rheumatism of the right knee-joint. The dis-

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the ear was tumefied and contracted,' so that the cotton remedy

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to the growing temple, whose foundations were so firmly laid by the Coan

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men in the medical professions. Among them may be men-

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source will be found to be much larger than it is at present

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15. Steel. Report upon an obscure and fatal disease among

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Diminution in the red cells with increase ish, yellow pigment grains. Segmentation

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merates. The forms recognized as varieties of this disease

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the metamorphosis which the uric acid had undergone, and satis-

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this is not the usual practice. I am far from maintaining that,

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certain Ifesults of Excessive Intellectual Exertion." We cannot

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probability that human genius will ever, Alexander like, weep for the want

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brave and dutiful were almost a divine in- "^.ways in esteem. Its duties were of the

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three children and three miscarriages, and presented the usual

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complete and fatal answer to the elimination theory could

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But in the days M'hen most of the important medicines

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mined. It spreads rapidly among horses. The virus appears

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which has accumulated between the lids. The nostrils are

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All the above facts force one to conclude : 1. That in

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ern the epochs of their lives. The Ian- of medicine. It forms an invaluable addi

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away, and the wound w^as closed. Healing took place very

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sponged dry. After this two or three ing skin. Should the furuncle assume the

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nective tissues. There is rapid wasting and great weakness,

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such maladies, a combined clinical and mi- of medicine, whether in general practice^

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Veterinary Journal, London. Vol. XLVII. (1898). p. 147.

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saw after excision or amputation, or that which sometimes ensued

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some degree preventive of consumption, and its frequent con-

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by the meeting, and Dr. Stiles delivers his read by title.

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I reserve for a future papsr the very interesting subject — Tlie

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