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Uric Acid as a Factor In the Causation of Disease.— By
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qn the fifteenth day. On the eighteenth day the catheter was removed,
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the periosteal elevator, first from the overlying tissues and
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into the mysteries of the mixtures sometimes called " proprietary "
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D. C. : Normand L. Hoerr, M.D., Ph.D., Professor of Anatomy,
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Treatment methods that provide insufficient stability may
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University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences July 1 , 1957. He suffered
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tures or infection by way of the blood. The latter occurs in septic condi-
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( + )Predictive Value = True( + ) / Total( + ) = 63/69 = 91.3%
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—A message from the State Medical Society of Wisconsin
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may iu" due to or<;aiiie changes in the cerebrum, such as ef-
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claudication of her legs which persisted over the next
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This is a medicinal preparation of alcohol, opium, benzoic acid, oil of anise
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But we are led to suspect disease of the brain when upon examination no
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sistent high temperature which accompanies such diseases,