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vourable change more than the varied forms of cardiac

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wislied to lay before the Society some observations as to

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By Haynes Walton, F.R.C.S., Surgeon to the Hospital,

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and brassy, and the dyspnoea was urgent. The counte-

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exceptional — its speedy and fatal termination. Or-

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iiehaviour which gave the slightest ground for any charge

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nervous system, but it would be unseemly to forget the

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of Children, in the British IMedical Journal of December 13th,

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pertrophy, increases with excitement, and essentially dif-

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which the sympathetic nerve is distributed. In ]852,

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M'Clintock agrees fully with Dr. West regarding the

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sioners advised the preparation of a new Warrant, en-

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or degeneration. Mischief is latent in all these. The

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tetween typhus and enteric fever. During four years

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of fibrils ; the other two form, properly speaking, but

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members of the family, that she purposed to play off her

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that there are probably no creatures in nature which are

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the operation, and was often such as to make us very

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disease in Scotland. More authors, but especially Dr.

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between the rate of respiration and the pulse, — what

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inspiratory effort was prolonged, and performed with

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the introduction of the tiichinte into the muscles; they

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branches, visible only under a lens, become apparent

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denly in bed, and then fallen backward. When seen, a

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his neighbours. If this be not true, it ought to be ; for

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geon to St. Bartholomew's Hospital at Rochester will

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acute condition of inflammation is established, which has

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Marshall. Certificates of Honour were also presented to

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uterus, and in some, if not all, cases of retained placenta.

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under the Pharaohs, scrofula commits fearful ravages

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was far above the average mortality from fever in general

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taneous with the employment of tlie remedy; and, there-

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their notice, it is neglectful of one of its most im-

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Slieldoii, Thomas, Stratford-on-.-Vvon : December 5, 18-59