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also areas for the muscles of deglutition and of the neck.
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matter materially lessened after passing through iron pipes — the action of the
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the manufacturers have informed us, along with a further sample for-
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ployed tubes of lead and silver for the purpose of drainage.
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pepsin are all prevented, allowing the escape of unaltered alkaline milk into
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AzpELL, Thomas F., Assistaht-Surgbon.— Relieved from
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late by merely diluting the mixture with isotonic salt solution. Con-
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microscopically, the same elements were observed as in the water coming from
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Another veteran also died last week. Surgeon General
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drug therapy is continued. Weaning cannot start until the
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pood health until the present time. "While visiting some friends in
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startling dimensions. This is, in fact, a "three-hcadcd
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The best of all diluents for this purpose is skimmed milk, which
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The tongue itself was found to be greatly implicated in the
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one sex only. Why shut out men from this new province of
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after remo\dng the leather binding of the former. The print is slightly
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side was perfectly clear and its percussion clearness passed across the
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deep impression on the court and jury. There was an
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on the second day of the voyage from Bermuda to Halifax,
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seven months, was suggestive of the malignant nature. Men-
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and nitro-glycerin, were used in a number of cases,
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We have yet to note the sensory side, that which calls forth
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Physicians and Surgeons, an office he still holds. In 1846 he was elect-
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The optic disks were normal. Roentgen-ray examination revealed normal selh.
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evidences of that disease which we designate by the
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give the German reader a true picture, to do justice.
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ful medical remedies otherwise than as directed by a
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of the Magi, “ magorum studiosissimus . 5 ' 3 He wrote
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nature, 'that he should be artificial. In this artificial state inwhidh we
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marks that not all the ** pathological urobilin " could have
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during the process of sterilization will become brittle.
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ess to the external surface of the pericardium, either from the deeper peri-
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sentiment in regard to the special preparation of teachers
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Professor White, in his treatise on "Dermatitis Venenata," men-
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later it becomes brownish yellow and finally bloody, coffee-ground-
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let loose. Such full inspiration is effective not only in removing
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tion. The changes of arteritis deformans may be studied clinically in
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was spared in only two cases, and in six the hemorrhage was most
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with stridor (roaring) in forcible inspiration ; or it presses on
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The granulations, if previously healthy, may soon slough. These changes
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been an ampulla two inches and a half in diameter, which had
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thus expressed himself : — " As to blisters, I agree entirely with
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versally adopted, the cause of temperance and morality would be essentially promoted,
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neighbouring parts of his chest were immensely swollen and