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Baths. — The patient should be carefully guarded from catching cold

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too much phosphoric acid]. On an average the author gives only

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dental injuries and intoxications that may complicate the results.

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by chloral, is the fact pointed out by Liebreich, that it causes sleep

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to determine whether or not phagocytosis as determined by the

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edly have been much neglected. In propounding his method and

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internally. These symptoms are tachycardia, palpitation, dyspnoea, weak-

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as (1) the digestive power of the intestinal secretion is, on the whole,

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The surface colony on agar-agar is medium-sized, soft, moist, circular, elevated,

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through the respiratory tract. Young animals are most susceptible

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bear me witness that the atmosphere that meets you as the door is

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drachms of the tincture of iodine (B. P.) into the fistula ; and as

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Three different methods were tried: (a) hanging drop in a hollow-

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unfrequently have upwards of 100 patients (afflicted with this dis-

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in moderate cases of arteriosclerosis with compensated heart is often

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no gas-formers of any kind was inoculated with a pure culture of

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to modify at will the circulation through every part of the body,

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by the Noguchi or Wassermann system, and, as has been shown,

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Substitutes for Bread and for Sugar: Aleuroriat Bread, Almond

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advanced cases, and who had been away from it from two to eighteen

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exudative, and (3) fibrous. The exudative form in its early stages,

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astonishing regularity, frequently re-appearing in successive years

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The micrococcus catarrhalis differed from the typical menin-

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has a strong salt bath, and a shore bath which in summer may reach