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its flow relative to the ampulla will be in the reverse direction to what

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ment on these values from the literature will be found in the last

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abdomen was flat, the temperature subnormal, and her pulse 140,

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of the same family, the one remaining normal in spite of lack of

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de_ath it was found that there was no intra-abdominal

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and the general condition was very poor. Immediate im-

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tion of typhoid fever to cholelithiasis was first pointed out.

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a moot question, Mr. Toynbee, whose name is associated with it,

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Chamberlain, brother of the Colonial Secretary, founded the

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leakage and enables division of the cystic duct and vessels. The

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symptoms arising in the so-called vitiated atmosphere of crowded rooms

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duces circumscribed tumours, sometimes co-existing with the two

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The first, which I will describe as the rapid method, consists in the