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the power of acting locally upon the air-p.assages in pulmo-

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Atypical CaSGS. Senile Pneumonia. — The symptoms often

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no appreciable deformity of the articulation. In 1857, a case oc-

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3rs. agents, or assigns of the aforesaid dairy, that the product known as certified

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ony and routine work of garrison life. 2. The abolition of

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to the chair, and at the meeting which took place last Saturday

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Dr. \V.S(|iiin', of London, coiisiili-ri'd tin- pulilir istiiMi.-^linu'nt of j^ood

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external iliacs). This plug was firmly adherent to the roof of

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children than in adults, and that, at the beginning of an epidemic,

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colourless, had no urinous odour. The incision into the cyst at

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distinguished from the lasting palsies, which probably result from degen-

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quoted by Romberg Diseases of the Nervous System. Vol. i. p. 287.

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tlie reach of iht; p<iore(4t man, a complete lil)rary, equal to

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It was exactly such changes in the nervous system that caused

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Vaccinator-General, and Health OlSccr, in Trinidad. We

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lested to its natural termination, or is unsuccessfully treated. But the

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manslaughter. His irresponsibility was strongly urged by his counsel,

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In the cardiac or splenic extremity, chyme is barely seen, but

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no history of either. He did not think it could have ulcer-

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Roman harpastum^ to seize, etc. But this was not the

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perimenters. 5. The attenuation of virus is not an op-

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ened with water from the sacred Ganges. Along with this

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e\ddently merely makes the acid groups stronger so that it is not

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understanding of fermentation, not to speak of certain subjects in

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all y feels tired a nd sleepy on rising in the morning,, aftet__aJull-Bight's

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Hypersemia may be active or passive. In active hyi^eriemia there

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Test Pellets. — Dr. Pav*" recently introduced to the notice of the London

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• W. T. Porter, " Influence of the Heart-beat on the Flow of Blood through

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Mcintosh asserted that he was persuaded, from past experi-

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per cent, of cases. The patients' ages ranged from 2i to 20 years. He show^ed

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foreign substances. The soft tissues of these turbinated bodies

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the name of this school, nor the exact year of his graduation.

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of acetic acid. Fig. 221. Longitudinal section of one of the ducts leading from the

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adeno-|)hlegmon of the same region, should be abandoned as causes of

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Higginson syringe, the intermittent action of which

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were Willard Parker, Alonzo Clark and Frank Hamilton. I

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essential to it, and therefore the following observations on the subject by Dr.

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2 pi. Also, transl. |Abstr.|: Arch. Ophth., N. T., 1889,

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with the other non-protein nitrogen ingredients, its blood values

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of electrocardiogram showing permanent changes to be