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the informed clinician is now able to recognize nephritis. Without

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able plant, which I have since found by fortv years ex-

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injections should be made in series of three, given on successive days, with 7

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mucous (Fig. 405). If the wound is longer than two-thirds of an

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catalogue just mentioned contains photographic views of these

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ture we shall report at length. It is one as to which there

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Opium is more slowly absorbed than morphine, and its action is cor-

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applies, though less forcibly, to word-deafness. Nevertheless, so far as

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the fork and the back will be dislocated in the middle.

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the report of the Buffalo health officer we condense the following ab-

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any obstruction. At first, water at 59° F. is injected

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by the latter itself. Xo other explanation seems to me possible, for

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31st, at which period the teats of the cow were bitten by the calf.

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medical report,) which might control the common charac-

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with the real nurse, whether she be the mother or a

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bacterium dies after a time, and the food becomes comparatively harmless.

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was brought about in the same way as in any other acute illness

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fkin, and the fauces were left free, that then there

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treatment of syphilis and gonorrhoea, as otherwise students

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through the finer arteries difficult,, and throwing

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nervous shocks, or physical injuries. They may last but a short

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Sayre, Reginald H., Bellevue Hospital, New York, New York Co.

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old, and are rapidly passing from the medical field. But

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rifeness of intermitting fever, not a single case of the remitting form is

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for practice and degrees of value. But the system of

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a faithful and honorable nurse, one who properly understood

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eight months, reduced by holidays, examinations, missed lec-

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racters of hydrated starch ; and when it comes into contact with

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end-stations of the peripheral neiu^ones. On the other hand, prac-

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year when the maximum number of individuals will be at their

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tumour gradually became harder and firmer, and now measures

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more than one-third of them tliat they had no indisposition of any

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roxysms, are ushered in by rigors, and end in critical sweats.

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Altogether this address is one of the most entertain-

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integrate the basic and clinical sciences. As in the

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Remittent fever, says Henderson, is the legitimate off-

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