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by this pressure. It is his opinion that most distortions of the uterus,
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Bryan, of Richmond, Va., has reported an interesting case of
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-'■' Letters to this effect may be found in the follow-
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water. By the Americans it is named " yallhoy," and the bark
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her pulse was 120 and the temperature in the vagina 104 F.
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observed, that water, over which a magnet has been several
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classes — pyrexia, neuroses, cachexia, and locales. This system of
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Vaccinal immunity is sometimes transferred through the placenta.*
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foetus, there is an interesting and important fact in connection with it, to which
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denly died, showing some of the symptoms of asphyxia.
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somewhat similar tumour on the scrotum of a European.
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rents and their dangers, and referred to the possibility
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of shorthand by medical students and practitioners, by
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lesions, of the pelvic viscera. I at once enter the cul-de-sac and
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sion. A physician desiring to practise in a State other
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ure is lateral. In view, however, of'^the constancy of these two curves in
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<»urse of inunctions. In the years 1902 and 1903 five of these seven indi-
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of July, 1917, namely, the yellow-cross shell, containing mustard
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Chairman of the Reception Committee. The last meet-
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delusions. A good example of this is given by the obedience to the com-
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inflammation on which we have no means of imposing a
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rates per 1,000. In some cases, owing to deaths not having
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Uients, thee being only fourteen vacancies, 19 ; failed in exammation, 1.
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cous membranes alone, in the local form; in the internal organs also, in
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HF.sitv (;oiTBs*. New I liuiiisohian Medicine Store,
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to within the past four years had a weak point, and that was
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the viscera are locally affected by this disease.* Dr.
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termination to the brain, followed by symptoms of continued and typhoid
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(3) gradually reduce to twice daily, and then once daily
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tive, likewise appears to form lactic acid under similar conditions. The
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serve that inestimable blessing, or to restore it when
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Letters are signed by the authors. These opinions are the authors' and do
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bladder through an incision in the perineum after a grooved
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tient and friends. But having constructed several they '
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lower third, and a detached fragment about an inch and a half
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time than sixty-five in hospital. How severely must the service suf-
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taken from normal dogs under identical conditions. In all cases
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etc. ; fear of personal defilement (mysophobia) ; the doubting mania, in which
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