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Mr. lley belonged to a family renowned in the annals of sur-
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made by melting finely-divided phosphorus with fat and then
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and starts, dragging her leg rather than lifting it, and
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ter may be applied, or plasters containing salicylic, pyrogallic, or
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especially about the pyloric end, distinctly visible. Intestine —
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it was commonly employed. The patient was directed to
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to the liver. Tracing it downwards it passed into the
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other substitute, the milk being supplied from a model-farm in the
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attempts had been made to secure union without success,
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serum, here putrid puriilent substance. They are unapproach-
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training and domestic economy were organized in Eau Claire,
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point to cerebral syphilitic lesions; which are sometimes ex-
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Hemorrhage of the bladder has been mentioned as a symptom of various
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tiguous, the ducts longer and more branching, and at the periphery the breast
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sequent sittings, lield about every second day, about one
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of cuts may be i)ractised. As the object is not precisely the same as
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irregular, and very soft to touch for at least 1 cm. from the
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was diagnosed and the patient operated upon ; later she
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of the former to one of the latter, nnake a good fumigation ; the
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accompanied by some watery discharge, will persist in spite
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wherever they have mentioned otitis media as a causative agent in
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result in the organ. When the condition of imperfect tubular excretion,
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patellar pouch of the knee-joint by an incision external
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1. Chassel. Wiener med. JVochensch. 1892. — 2. De Jonge. Aixhiv f. Psych.
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mcst commonly the bowels are constipated. The pulse is frequent,
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heard of people cured of fits by means of a red hot iron applied to the