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and down to the anus. The left iliac fossa was free from the
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rately, (for each of them acts as a counter-irritant on the skin,) and with
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Treatment of Syphilitic Buboes by Setons. By Professor Levicaire, of the
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chill supervened, with vertigo, nausea, and empty retching; heat and per-
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before any fair conclusions can be drawn certain facts
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By Mr. Hugh Fraser, Surgeon, King's Royal Rifle Corps. — A case of this
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" As the face of the country has changed, so have the habits of the people ;
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usual doses for drugs, will produce the full therapeutic
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taken place. 2. The presence, on oral inspection and examina-
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tissue is obtained, when the two incisions are connected
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short a time, except by boiling water, (a remedy not quite so pleasant as the
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I conunenced at once the inhalation of the English mix-
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pill, in the dose of half a dram to a dram to adults, taken twice during the
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but for its imperative demand therapeutically, to' facili-
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not only as establishing the minute structure of the organ described, but, in
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ing of this Society will be held at the University of Buffalo,
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skin with healing by first intention proved to be successful
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editor of the Boston Medical and Surgical Journal refers, he will find, amongst the
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During the thirteen days when such inspections were
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seized with convulsive movements of the face, and died. The body was
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Bath, on the 18th and 19th of July last, the following gentlemen were
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in order to go whither their one chance of recovery
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the aromatic bodies being some of the products formed.
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sumption, amounting in some localities to over 50 per
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.\fter a few minutes the retractor is pushed around the palate
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as early as the fourteenth day, and never to remain on after the twenty-
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The focal lesions in the spleen consist of grayish-white
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forget them again. In this latter respect he has gradually got better, and
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any cases of what we call smallpox, although it may
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The Axton hill, which authorizes state and local boards
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in regard to such houses. A novel feature of the law is that it
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Hope, until the discovery of Dr. Physick, was unable to offer to the wretched
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tion of the kidneys, which has not yet been sublimated
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second lecture the author reviews the symptoms of tobacco
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$50,000, and the maintenance and running of these cars
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Martin, of Lyon, and under the name of massage they have been
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soft greyish, or brownish material around the edges of the
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chief reliance as a remedy for diabetes mellitus. 8
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( Fig. 6. ) A uterine tampon of iodoform gauze or wick-
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Case 1. — B. J., of good family history except that his
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munication the .author calls attention to a possibility which
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them in the living state. It is quite possible that certain
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The fact being a very interesting one, I determined to satisfy myself, by
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from a physician's larynx, by means of a skein of silk