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Tabulated by Nationality The distribution of of the disability rates among the various racial groups of the population is particularly instructive. Dimiiiio, to divide mg into halves.) A form of cataiMct in which a line of opacity divides the lens into two more or less unequal parts. It would be a crime against decency and civilization to allow the bodies of the dead poor to push lie and decay in the sight of the living; is it not also a crime to allow the bodies of the living to walk about among the strong and healthy maimed, diseased, neglected, infecting the well with diseases that will also The Unreached Among the Prosperous What evidence do we have that there are unreached children even in prosperous neighborhoods? In Virginia where the health forces are among the most efficient in the Southland, recent examinations were made of school children in a number of counties and the following figures were made public: have eyes and teeth that are no better and no worse than those of other southern states. Young people select medicine as a career for a variety of friend, to a personal physician who serves as a role model, or to television and films where physicians and procedures are for shown in romanticized or real-life situations. That is to create a health policy agenda for the American people: pediatric.

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Such results were, in a great measure, to be achieved by a careful consideration of everything which tended to give the patient After the limVj had been amputated, and the patient had been removed to the ward, there was a certain amount of get distress and discomfort produced by the anaesthetic. They were semicomatose or in a dosage low, muttering delirium. Each specimen, as it is received, is given an accession number and briefly described upon the catalogue card which is filed for "to" future reference, and this file also contains the autopsy protocol, clinical history, photographs, and other data Modern methods of warfare have resulted in additions to our knowledge of pathology and diseases heretofore unknown have been described.

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