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had passed from below upward. Mr. Gage, during the time'l

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tween being compelled to stop labor and going to a surgeon. The different

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published by Dr. Bamber in 1871. This little statement has been taken from

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treatment. Nevertheless, the cure was not S3 complete

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mil be seen that a medical witness must often be prepared to prove the fact

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without experiencing the slightest inconvenience or pain — a

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the auscultator. As to the prognosis, he had been as-

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determine the quantity present by retitrating the iodin which was

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studies in rats and rabbits. However, increased fetal loss has been observed after

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67 cm., averaging 59 cm.; of five women this circumference varied from

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facturer, or other party residing in the United States, from whom he pur-

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tim, but in a week or a month the haemoptysis was simply a

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so that the accompanying history will not always solve the difficulty.

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It was now a fair and legitimate inference, that, this

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the guise of ''railway surgery." These subjects as here treated

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Fnsionabreite bei Hebung und Senkiing der Blickebene,

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with good reason, ocuasiona anxitty kat it may pi-ovo tli

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the interval between the first and the last episode

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tion. If not given attention, the condition finally leads to a change in

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worthy guide for very minute quantities of alcohol, and should

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I have repeatedly put up fractures in this way in a couple of

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also, sensitive nervi nervorum and their intra - neural terminations are

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explanation is not obvious, and it needs further confirmation.

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has to wonder at these same creatures as they appear

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tion, overwhelmingly in favor of vegetable food, more