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five days. In one case 10 per cent, of the eosinophils
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and-So, M.D., H.G.s., Woman's Hospital," is, of course,
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edge in regard to so-called " zymotic " diseases in general
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needle and have no desire to change it for other instru-
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had been freely used and in which there had been no
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inflamed surface, sometimes affords relief Dry flour, or rye-meal,
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The lymphogenic tissues of the cat seem to be more susceptible
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calomel, and metallic mercury. Bouchardats experiments have been
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details concerning the mode of onset, symptoms, and progress of foetal maladies
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yellow fever, may even become a favorable accident, and add some-
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the anaesthetic, but vomiting was unusually severe and she was
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I may venture to say, on the cure of disease. You will, I
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was only a secondary degeneration. The course of the disease is not always
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particularly observed. All excess in the use of ardent spir-
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very favorably of it as a medicine. My own experience in the use of
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as portions of the morbid complexus. No case of diai'rhoea is unde-
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been found not only in the superficial layers, but sometimes at a depth
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but they have often failed to accomplish the purpose. I
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M. ft. supposit. No. X. S. One every two to three hours.
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who advocate treatment by drugs and other measures purely medical ,
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On the 19th she appeared to be progressing. Shehadabetter
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10th. More tympany ; numerous rose-colored spots out over abdomen
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made use of this agent with corresponding results. The
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made for a revision of the scale of payment of medical wit-
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enbjacent organs ; and under such circumstances we sometimes find the
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times afraid of the new because it is new? Over and over again it
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normal. Pancreas, normal. Liver, pale, but normal. Gall-
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sible situation. He is in the same state with one in whom reac-
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