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intermittent fever, with yellow, slimy coated tongue; eczema,
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This is a disease accompanied by great and frequent
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some poisonous insect and great swelling and pain with an erysip-
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is more frequently combined with other stimulant expectorants,
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It exerts a direct influence upon the processes of waste and nu-
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in retention of urine, as it seeks the umbilicus when disease of
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might be feared, it would be safer (where the clamp could not
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Dr. M. C. Thrush, who has had considerable experience in
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mal nerve, the recurrent branch of the par-vagum. The
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degeneration of tissue; tendency to the deposit of low or im-
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even frequent excess of phosphates, or a diminution of urea.
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shows that convalescence has set in, though other symptoms
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nitric or sulphuric acid. I have no reason, however, to
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especially if it be associated with bryonia. The intensity of the
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sense of pressure over the larynx and trachea, with imperfect
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(about half as much again in proportion to the body weight).
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way as to derange their secreting properties, yet we are
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animals, the possibility is only an assumption and lacks evidence.
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ity. On post-mortem examination ahout forty ounces of dark-
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minute anatomy, this book will offer the means of obtaining
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Dose. — Fluid extract, 5 to 30 drops; specific medicine, 5 to
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latter stage of ulcerated sore throat, especially when there is a
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war cannot be averted; if the prayers, the tears, the ex-
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"Sodium is the natural salt of the blood, and exists in the
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that stimulus necessary to the normal performance of function,
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