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Medical and Surgical Monitor (Indianapolis), March 15.

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blue color ; that they are found only in enteric fever, in which disease every part of the

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the drainage was apparently perfect. The case was a

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Thomson, Professor of Surgery, Edinburgh Royal Infirmary.

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with temporary increase in frequency and/or severity

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That same suspicion may sometimes be suggested by the ap-

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morphia be sufficient to exert a characteristic effect on

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panian disease, and was probably some kind of lupus (I Sat. V, 60-63).

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they are well aware, will instantly slacken instead of en-

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» Deut. Archiv fiir kiln. Med., 1903, Bd. Ixxvi, p. 543.

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marizes the treatment of angina pectoris as dependent upon what

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The poisonous properties of the root are not lost by drying; but

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may be so extensive as to account fully for the impairment of the heart

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every maker of static machines is well acquainted with the

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section of the cervical sympathetic — and since the

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alcoholic extracts from human hearts obtained at necropsy have given

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There is an absolute want of books proper for the use of the

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here noticed prone to merge into true cholera, but I

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tions employed in veterinary practice are mentioned below.

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a new political party, but if our rights are not threatened, to treat

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vagina is sponged out with a solution of 1 to 3,000

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energy and that they did not see fit to analyze the action

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mitus. Their situation corresponds to that of ovarian cysts. They

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Autopsy. — An aneurism was found near the bifurcation

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means lost innocence, lost manliness, and as a prohibi-

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Dr. Salmon states that the following formula has been successful

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The fifth day from the iiieri nrial inunction found him free

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in the way of repair and production, beauty and financial

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variably multiplies the number of pulmonary disorders ; but when