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and the State Board of Health of Illinois.— At a meeting

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cal operation longer than is absolutely necessary. In

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Analogy"? Does he not read his morning paper, which

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comes to a close, the undersigned take their leave of the work as its

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of the artery was partially occluded, the fibrin having become

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and around her body. She was not conscious of any other

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individualized and managed upon its own merits. There can be no whole-

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the result of producing perfectly characteristic vaccine vesicles.

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ions; but critics and partisans alike are champions of the

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within a canula until it was fairly within the internal os.

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The ball and its box can be sterilised apart from one

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of such an event are greatly increased in the weakness of

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Issued in accordance with an "Act to regulate the sale of milk within the

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Chase's Abdominal Supporter. — Dr. Heber Chase has constructed an

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Albarran, Halle, and Legrain, in 1898, collected 304 cases from the

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tary have in some instances been adenomata. Cases of undoubted sarcoma

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aware that an objection may here be raised concern-

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Bertberand determined to ligature the external carotid

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coinciding to a greater or less extent with the motor paralysis. The

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not only occurs sometimes in more than one member of the same

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This valuable work we have been glancing over confirms all the

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" rotten," from their emaciated condition, and perhaps

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influence is limited to the cardiac nervous apparatus. Indirect influ-

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ing the how-to's of closing a physician's office practice.

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grape, in May, is said to operate as a preventive. Before we are awaie

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by the same writer, we think, erroneous- country. With this consideration borne

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the uterus several weeks after labour. It consisted of fibre-cells, resembling

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appearance was suspicious and the gall-bladder was dissected out and drain-

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cases the need for sanatoriums will soon disapjiear. To

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in making out a diagnosis, should any of them meet with a case of the kind.

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continue and the affection become a chronic parenchymatous nephritis.

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the provinces of the Dominion removed, and to secure for

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ness, and extreme feebleness are all met with in this disease, especially in