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the bristles of these brushes do not come in contact
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ness of coarse materials but not improving the finer sands.
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execution and requires little confinement or after treatment.
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the joints. The best site for injection is said to be the subcutaneous
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scribed. Generalized pains in the limbs may occur in
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double strand of carbolised catgut. The wound was drawn together
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of foods which will increase the body weight and strength without
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in the pathological records of the Edinburgh Eoyal Infirmary and
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scanty formation of false membrane upon the velum and tonsils. No
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became worse. Again he rallied somewhat but on the morning
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Guineas for Peipetual Ticket. Clinical Assistants to the Out Patieut Department are appointed
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lysol carbolic acid and potassium permanganate. Powdered iodo