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eluded to arise from miasms in the air. The ' bodies ; and among these are properties of

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of atony, for the reason that in consequence of increased

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bedside cabinets, bedside rails, operating table, Castle

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cording to Gee, Rosenstein, and others, the phosphates are decreased

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Very common. 2 or 3% of cases admitted to hospitals.

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of the uric acid alone can be depended on in the dif-

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than to describe a single experience of recent date in which the balance

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themselves. In many of the cases there is an increase of fibrous tis-

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which had been under his own care and were a little peculiar. One was

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looked. As already noted, enuresis, biting the tongue, mental

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which shall be applicable to the working classes of our community.

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Superintendent Officer of Health, Samuel Agnew, M.A'.,

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the Berkshire District Society, requesting such modification of the prin-

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pital ; Ralph Gooding, B.A, King's College; George WalliugtonGra' hani,

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Yir.T„\r,K Hospitals.— Sir: I should feel much obliged if through

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aseptic and by having her rectum and bladder thoroughly emptied,

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lying beneath the floor of the anterior end of the aqueduct its course is not

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violence or chemical injury. I have seen a few cases, however, in

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digitalis or strophanthus, alone or combined with juniper

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The Lord Chief Justice (Cockbuni) said that this was a case

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209. On Compound Fracture of the Patella. Mr. Alfred Poland . . . .280

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depending on wliether the patient's skin is susceptible or not

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or deficient life, a direct debility. If, on the other hand, the exciting

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however, that the removal of malignant tumors in almost any part of

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absorbed, there was a distinct increase in the excretion,

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Monsters, especially the dicephalous or two-headed variety, are either born dead

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sulphate of quinine with about 1 fl. oz. of the solution,

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The necessity of a provision of this kind has been made apparent to this

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fat was first shown experimentally by Claude Bernard.'^ who ob-

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arteriometer (Figs. 35 and 36). Tracings made under the influence of amyl-

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shining part, and found it composed, as Winslow mentioned, of a thin tendinous

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excite it. The majority of cases, however, arise from disease of the biliary

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would teach; and when he could not teach, would warn.