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the bloody lancet in many forms of inflammatory disease.
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crusts, partly from inflammatory irritation by the poisonous products of the
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• * Freeman. R. G. : Am. Jour. Dis. Child., 1913, Aug., 117.
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apoplexy, angina. But even in these oases it is remarkable how ofteji,
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the ovary and from the macroscopical appearance suggested that the case was
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shrub-like, having leaves small and toothed like those of an oak,
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The prognosis in these cases is a matter very difficult
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tina. Many released the patients as soon as desqua-
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retained in the separated head, attracted the attention
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1. Diseases reported, investigated, and quarantined :
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febbri tifoidee. Raccnglitore, Fano, 1844, xiv, 309-322. —
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corroboration of my statements. I have also the authority of Dr.
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than in outdoor air. The size of the dust particles varies enormously,
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mous mass ; and 1 t/iink I am right in saying that in none of Huguier's
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ease of teeth or gums. If modified so as to say that ninety-five per cent
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drinking-water has been introduced with no improvement in respect
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The animal presents a pitiable sight. He goes hobbling along
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(under which he probably included some cases of scarlatinal as well as
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The classification of Dr. Buchanan, containing though it does
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reappears and increases rapidly, only to disappear again, everything else
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breath), as much rather keep company with ' V.' than
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A. E. Wright ^ publishes two new statistical reports from the British
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is recorded at least one case examined frequently by tw^o leading
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tight-fitting canal, either, or we produce varicocele.
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pure drug freely, giving the patient an ointment of any
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ogy, Plastic Surgery, Public Health, Surgery, Wisconsin Allergy Society.
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toms were present in 18 cases and absent in 17 cases.
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ments of the fcetus,' ' the presence of kiestein in the urine,' ' the