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biggest health problem in this country. If anything, it is
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been in the larynx just ninety five hours. In removing
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coll, apparently only for the purpose of coining the new name tri-
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It is more common, however, to meet with convulsive tics alone, and, as
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smaller dose than for treatment would suffice for this. This suggests itself
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Hoffmann. Deutsch. med. Woch., 1912, xxxviii, 1865.
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man of 33, whose disease presented the clinical picture of a
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bitis, peritonitis, pneumonia, pleurisy, periostitis, cystitb, and cholecystitis"
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scrupulous to avoid hurting the feelings or injuring the reputation of
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tion when long kept in the moist state, but although it then
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a number of years, as for nine years (Case 11), for ten
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of various formation. This protoplasm is very finely granular, and con-
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a large gliomatous tumour in the cervical cord. He believed there were
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healthy body, how much more must it do so in the diseased,
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of a much larger number of bacteria than was at first supposed. The various
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of the lymphocytes. Thus in 25, or 65.8 per cent of the 38 persons
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times assumed by the disease was carefully referred to,
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Mr. Adams says, " The opponents of tenotomy, and those
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pital, the hypodermic use of cocaine behind and in front
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and throughout the country, however, we must recognize
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danger in the course of an operation, either by embarrassment of
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The officinal petrolatum is a better excipient for an ointment than
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You have frequently, in your editorial columns, anim-
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be covered with flashy colors to match the carpet. Madam, will of course
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ries could assuredly give his countrymen a few les-
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reduction of the wine duties. Sir Edward Barry, M.D.,
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trained powers of observation; (3) a professional pilot of years of
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■/our. Amer. Med. At»oc., July 22, 1916, p. 280.
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the normal. The right ventricle, on the contrary, was exceedingly thin and
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recourse to the same convenient hypothesis for the solution of every obscure
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Fig. 14). Similar deformities of the wrist are also observed, but these are
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the treatment of eqninia. No specific is known, and no drug which has
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ter's Brochure No. 22 of the U. S. Geological Survey,