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the constitutional were, as a rule, absent. The wounds were dry and hot
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exercised upon the nerve ; the muscle has likewise a natural electric state, which is modified
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The specimens are allowed to remain in contact with the dye for about
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paratus and without previous experience. It is only necessary to
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this transformation, and not wait until this metamorphosis
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femoral hernia. There was nothing unusual noticed at
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with hospitals if possible, and have some member responsible for the
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• In connection with tho followini; experiments I wish to express my thanks to my
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ethmoidal cells should be suspected. The position of the pus in the meatus
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Within 24 hours after the operation the patient had a chill of moderate
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five weeks. I used a flat varnished surface 16 cm. of a radio-
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Committee to nominate Dissertator and Alternate — Drs. Knight, C.
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ence in oxaluria and the oxalic diathesis, but those cases that I have
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moderate to severe renal impairment are usually not required, careful
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However, the discussion of this subject belongs rather to general
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subsiding or developing ; and lastly, when the termination of the dis-
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contract, producing an effect which is opposite to that of Aconite
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acknowledge that no one has hitherto been able to point out
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The consideration of climate comes before the scientific physician
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poisoning under treatment with the iodide of potassium, has shown the pre-
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2. Of the spinal cord, only the anterior columns pass, in the corpora pyramidalia, as con-
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follows : — ''Fits still occurring with some regularity, sometimes
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it may be necessary to artificially warm the room to be disinfected. In
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been studied on patients affected with rheumatism, albuminous
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uncomplicated pulmonary tuberculosis, and 1 of asthma. His
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I cannot refrain from referring to a case of an infant