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evidences of kinks, adhesions, infection, toxemia, etc.

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kept out of view. It maybe much more readily determined by observation

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more than a finger's breadth beyond the septum ventriculorum, and

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buUoe, or blisters, are peculiarities of this form of mortification. The skin is of

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that time in good health, and became pregnant shortly thereafter.

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sented tlie usual aspect of a burn from ordinary causes, except in its greater

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adopted my usual plan to bring it over the head before the labour progressed

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in the urine and bile. During the whole of the next month, during

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process on the side selected for the procedure, overwork is good for the

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at other times such fetor cannot be detected by careful search.

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prove this in the case of diphtheria, pneumococcus, and pyocyaneus

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gitudinal incision was now made through its parietes, and the cause

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sists of salt, mercury, and sulphur, its principal ingredient being sulphur,

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groups arranged by causes of death (Table V) brings out certain

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to be considered, viz., the mean annual range of the thermometer. On

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colour, which pervades all the tissues, and is distinctly recognised in

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1 Die Behandlung der Gicht und des Rheumatisms mit Radium, Berl. klin. Woch.,

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which the gland enlarged and indurated formed one-eighth of the whole tumour,

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42.' Simple Fracture of the Os Femorls — Reunion — Heath at the end of Two

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large lymphocytes, 22 per cent.; large mononuclears, 1 per cent.; baso-

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pasteurization, however, and that the public is being instructed

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Oliguria was practically impossible to determine from the patient's

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sel had left America for England, and, in consequence, as he believed, of fresh

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obstructed by a mixture of fibrine and coagulated blood, evidently from

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racter of which, however, scarcely two pathologists can be found to

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take a sheet of note paper and draw a flame toward one side, a

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mately normal. The pulse kept pace with the temperature. In the morning

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pression; otherwise why should the difl"usion of the tubercular matter have

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opalescence rises in the medium within the tube, until it reaches

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