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thyroid lesions. It has seemed to us in the examination of many glands
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gerous ; it is the habit consumptives have of expectorating over every
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appears to me that too little attention has been paid to the fact that
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Prince Antonio de Balza Ossino of Tarentum. Berendes
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but the difficulty encountered in accurate and even cutting of
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with the introduction into tlie mouth of food or drinks, together with ptyalism,
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ether, and strong alcohol. The usual dose as an hypnotic is from
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disastrous effect on the hearing leads to the calling-in of the aurist.
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to products which someone in Washington believes are
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S. S. White, passed assistant surgeon, ordered to the U. S.
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renal function was reestablished after anuria lasting several days,
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medical knowledge as is here afforded at Two Dollars a year.
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retro-peritoneal space is shut off by suturing the divided
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finger of the right hand the fluid in the urethra is to be
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for the better. Teachers are seeking more knowledge and
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been waiting for twenty years, or ever since it was built, for some change to take place in the
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want. The book contains a new set of colored plates stained in this
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The outstanding feature in the a3tiology of blackwater fever is its
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she repeated; in the course of about six weeks, men-
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of rattlesnakes ; if Laudanum, drink every ten minutes or oftener, until the
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Dr M'Ci intock was glad to see that the experience and reflection of
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worst.) After going through an attack of gall-stone
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than elsewhere, calculi tend to lodge in this situation, and the duct may
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port on the Treatment of Epidemic Cholera. By Joseph
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good cosmetic effects. Great care is to be taken to pre-
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haemoptysis, such as occur from time to time in hysterical patients and
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Prudishness, especially among English-speaking people, prevents the giving
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beneficial to mankind, and least of all to sick people,
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striking out into paths of originality than in blindly following
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important for a medical witness to bear in mind, that the mouth, throat,
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eight) milch cows appeared to have heat and tenderness of the
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incision from the xyphoid cartilage to the umbilicus was
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should be suspected. If the pulse during the attack is absolutely rhythmic, the
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reported infrequently in patients receiving CARDIZEM
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none in the twelfth, and one in the last." " If we inquire into what was the
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to the condition of the colon. This form may also oc-
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"Dr. Loomis was one of the faithful band who originated