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for time and place, short term memory loss, emotional lability slightly clouded sensorium.


which they are most apt to be associated is the following : to

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certainly, as a rule, more experience in amputating than is possessed by

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in his labratory at Washington, D. C, and under his immediate supervision, can

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day as a medicine. Gradually he became excitable and coarse in his man-

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A single induction coil run by a few storage cells will excite an ordinary

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to the next or even to some more distant ganglion, where it ends by

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of erysipelas inoculated simultaneously with vaccine lymph, the disease

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in some places the muscular coat. It was evidently unsafe to re-

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than indicate some of the most important characteristics of colloids

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while there. Began with night blindness. Latterly vision has

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Ibidem. — Dr B. Lewy draws attention to cases in which he has

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and got in order without delay, so as to be able to join the force,

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The following points seem worthy of consideration :

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the importance of other factors than the mere breach of continuity in an

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command the attention of every individual whether married or con-

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it ; some recommending small, others large doses ; some

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Medicine and Medical Jurisprudence . 104 The Differences between Man and the Ape . Ill

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long, flat, slightly brownish needles which are less difficultly soluble

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subcutaneous injection of vaccinia was resorted to, tin*,

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that, though not exacted, they were forthcoming, and

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we are concerned with the present and the future rather than with the

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or eight) after death the disk was white, the fundus yellowish,

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galvanism is indirectly from chemical combination. Two different

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picked out as especially important. Unfortunately a greater part of it

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In the chronic form the symptoms are of slow develop-

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its size, but mainly upon its origin in the frontal or ethmoidal

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"Obstetrics and the States," K. C. Mcllwraith, Toronto.

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