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pagnes. There is one thing to remember about all wines : a
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The diet should consist of milk and lio^ht animal broths during; the
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while teething or during convalescence from fever, with high tempera-
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The expansion, as noted on inspection and palpation, over the affected
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mand for more heat by the desire for motion, which the influence of
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improper use of the douche as well as of other procedures, and others
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Hip baths from 50° to 60° F., of from ten to twenty minutes' dura-
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often combined in children, constituting the so-called tabes mesenterica.
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stage of typhoid, and also the fact that in other diseases simulating it, as miliary
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berry, of a sprightly pungent, aromatic taste, in market
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cases the nodular tubercles may grow into foci of considerable size,
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If onr soldiers and the soldiers of our Allies are not well fed
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and are then kept at a temperature of about 80° F. for several
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and upon their exact execution may depend success or failure. The
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There is a method, however, that really ofi'ers ipiite a uniform
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does not curtail convalescence. The statistics of Williams go to show
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Hospital there were many bright men and good teachers.
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severe acute forms of the disease. Doubtless the reason for this lies in
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fortably accommodate the patient, and filled to three-fourths of its
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sneezing, and slight pharyngitis. A little later, in most instances,
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bility, and, if succeeded, as it should be, by a half- bath, douche, or
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ulants may be employed if indications for their use are present, and the
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pages 140-141, and using it altogether as an antithermic agent, when
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The health of the people must be the special concern of the
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probably involved the appendix and its surroundings. Is the
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variola the temperature-chart registers a normal or even a subnormal
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auricle. That led to the great expansiciu of the study of arrhythmia
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objects (furniture, utensils, library books, toys) which the patient has
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drawn firmly from the left and tucked under the right side of the
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found about correct : Condensed milk, one teaspoonful ; cream,
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tinued until 60° F. is reached. From two to six irrigations are suf-
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Klein) have held it to be the cause. Mai-morek, Raskin, and Mosny,