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by side." Indeed, if the eye received its impressions from the vibrations of

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In the diagnosis of morbid conditions of the heart the X rays

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appeared to be a form of malacia in which the organic material is

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before the fourteenth day the organs are usually hypersemic and

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normal. The condition was clearly one of neurasthenia, associated

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con la sutura e la jjlastica delle paretl addoiuinali. Bull. d.

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tion, towards defraying the expenses of the amalgamation.

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used in our pathological laboratory for the preservation of specimens

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searching." . . "As for the just cure, it must answer to the

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tions in some presumably normal and in some diseased,

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The steam atomizer is to be rc(rommended highly, a«

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and suggested the advisability of attempting a sec-

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A day or two later she was put to various tests, including

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A considerable portion of the summary is taken up withdis-

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As a prophylactic, the first injection I made was on

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in twenty-four to forty-eight hours ; third, those in which no appreci-

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those who adduce these cases demonstrate the transmission to the off-

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Dr. W. Evelyn Porter said that he had had a case in which

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as they are useful for breeding. A, proposition to restrict the killing

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approaches it appears very constantly to fall; it may occasionally

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of Doses, Sections on Examinations of Urine, Artificial Respiration,

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we would say, a predisposition is that peculiar condition

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paper by Dresbach. By the kindness of Dr. Dresbach I have copies

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tory at Washington, has assumed the Directorship of the Bio-

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Fort Duncan, Texas. S. O. 174, Department of Texas,

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abnormal strain attends inspiration to some extent, but mainly expiration,

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lution. Bull, scient. de la France et de la Belg., Par., 1892,

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jury on medical evidence that the child was still-born. Supposmg, however,

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servation in private practice for over ten years, the affection has not ex-