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The East Texas Medico-Chirurgical Society will hold its
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S. Lloyd Johnson. Masontown, Pa. 1622 E. Biddle St.
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Packer and Lovina N. Packer of Marshfield, Vermont.
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This work presents to the medical and legal professions a com-
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his plain duty. I do not pretend to say that the four or five
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it up; not to curtail professional liberty, but to give it large, uni-
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most powerful agent we have at our disposal against syphilitic manifesta-
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La'tller and Kroseh. Beridit der Kommisslon zxvc Erforsclning der
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In some cases, diseases from their inception are due to mixed infections,
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Volume 1. With forty-two illustrations. Pages, 800.
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dislocation of humerus with fracture of surgical neck of each, 367; horse-
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Dr. William L. Millea, 1st Lieutenant, M. 0. R. C, on active duty,
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sentative leading houses in many lines of business. It will pay
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Clinical Ophthalmology, including Ophthalmoscopy (for Graduates) .... 106
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a strumous tubercular or syphilitic parentage. Then, gentlemen,
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ence to the origin of prothrombin. — Journal of Experimental
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A. B., Cornell University, 1917 ; Medical Student, ibid., 1916-17.
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building, and the Brady Urological Institute and other buildings,
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All communications for the Editor, and all books for review, should
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degree of involvement of the kidneys; this, of course, within reas-
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Boston University School of Medicine was invited to make a pathological
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sort of growth ; in short, there are no really striking differences."
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drites. With the Bielschowsky silver impregnation method,
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words. The words actually on the list are regarded simply as
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when to not be a member will make one unpleasantly conspicuous.
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sible to place the responsible instructors in Medicine, Sur-
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the great anti-slavery fight, which every one will do
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ents, an isolation and an obstetrical ward. Facilities for
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cines is a knowledge of the varying conditions obtaining in the foci
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the neurofibrils of ganglion cells (grobfaserige Fibrillenwuch-
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most amusing and outrageous manner by the people and the press.
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Walter R. Steiner. The evolution of medicine in Connecticut, with
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definite time for study and consequently are too tired at the end of a
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where there is the least doubt^ either of the identity of the accused
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The Practical Application of the Rontgen Rays in Thera-
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bicornis duplex, with two cervical canals above, one external os and
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out of action, although the animal may die from the effects of the
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the assistance of Drs. Hamburger, Wolinan, Chatard, Pleas-
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