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Treatment of central nervous system syphilis. — Boston Medical
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An operation for shortening the scrotum. — Ibid, 1914, i.xni,
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during that time, according to the theory of both Drs. Tabor and
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Beitracre zur Assyriologrie und semitischen Sprachwissenschaf t. Paul Haupt
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Kinderharns. — Zeitschrift filr Kinderheilkunde, 1914, xi, 483.
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American first aid conference. — Boston Medical and Surgical
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each drug upon the healthy individual in the ordinary method as in-
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lock, Chico; F. D. Teas, Canadian; C. C. York, Fort Worth.
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phenomena must be reproduced, and that mere verbal suggestion
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and Hildegarde C. Germann. — Hydrolysis of yeast nucleic acid
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II. Toxicology. An elective laboratory course in this
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1911 ; M. D., Johns Hopkins University, 1916 ; Externe in Pathology, the Johns
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control? — Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Biology
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erysipelas (i, measles 17, typhoid fever 0"), diarrheal diseases 61,
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2. Central Dislocation of the Femur. George T. Vaughan, M. D.
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sick room. All the leading apothecaries ari4 gi'ocers sell i^
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consciousness may be followed by a total or partial amnesia. In
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tions one or more preliminary explorations are responsible for the
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cases with equally marked atrophy w r ere without plaques. Cases
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admission considering the apparently normal state then reported
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times it may be the prominent symptom and may be constantly
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as the fourth except eye, which falls in the second. Game alone
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consideration of the chemical topography of the body is
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I. A clinical lecture or recitation is given throughout the
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III. Percussion and Auscultation — Dr. E. W. Bridgman,
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of the two types must be shown to be in a different
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Governor Hatfield, himself a physician, assisted in
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reduce this source of mortalitv greatly ; the pistols and cartridges
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available for a limited number of advanced workers who may
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The greater part of this is preventable by means so simple that
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animals by giving them food or by putting the weight of our hand
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stables near Boston, but they are not numerous, and
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sented is this volume of Martin and Jung, translated by H. Schmitz of
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An Act to regulate the sale of cocaine and other drugs ; to regulate
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M. B., University of Toronto, 1893 ; Assistant Resident, Resident, and Associate
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Associate Professor of Hygiene and Bacteriology and Lecturer m
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of great originality — his soluble mercury and tests for arsenic may
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