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and at the right time. The breast of a healthy girl

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cember 29th. Has passed the second menstrual period

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lack of physical vigor, from a tendency to the neu-

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Fig. 3. — / — Overhead track. ^ — Track on floor. 3 and 4 — Uprights

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to take effect September 20, 1910, and will proceed to this

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stetrics, 1908, vii, p. 424), by diligently searching

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ber 30th, Dr. George Austin Bowen, aged sixty-eight years.

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obtained on agar. Strength of vaccine equalled 300 mil-

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N. Y., held Its annual meeting in Jamestown, on "Tues-

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ment remained so ; of seven latent cases with posi-

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in Albany, at the State Hygienic Laboratory, on Wednes-

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much so that he attracted attention when in street cars

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possessed one formerly conversed in Latin more or less

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3. Ipecac in the Treatment of Intestinal Amoebiasis,

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guest of Dr. S. Lewis Ziegler at a dinner at the Union

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followed by appropriate exercise of the gastric mus-

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as those born into the world, and that the destruc-

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no changes. The sella turcica was greatly dilated by a

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quantity of blood flowing through the liver by aug-

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jurious. Reclus states that cocaine solution left ex-

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difficulty is the question of recurrences in such con-

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longer the duration of the loss of consciousness the

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some — if only a very few — casts, usually hyaline or

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leurs effets et sont deceles par Taction meurtriere qu'ils

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acute throat affections, and in cases of aiuygdalitis

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tiva, nares, mouth, pharynx, lungs, intestines, etc.

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tions crowns our efforts in relieving the sufferers

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acic organs. The urine w-as dark with biliary pigments,

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selves hews a path of ease for us — at our expense.

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ceived answers of "yes'' and "no." They inquired if some

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before me the more strongly this suggestion was impressed

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ing tissues as in ordinary renal cancer and sarcoma.

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