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inflammation of the lungs." Clearly the coroner was right in

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teach us. Of these, so far as I can read them, I shall have a

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at the time that by leaving it voluntary the London County

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sity be inefficient for several reasons- first, because of the

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Star) ; and with the Nile Expedition in 1884-85 as Secretary to the Prin-

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other an adult female with two very light marks on the right

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Infant Mortalitii in' Liverpool .',1 per 1,000 above the Average.— Xipsiper on

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raised to defray the expense of this appeal - probably £150 or

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tative gathering assembled at the Aberdeen Railway Station

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to 12 per cent. The influence that produces this effect is the

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ject of extensive corrosion, and had been removed in that

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Iiuring the year under notice ll.^iiB deaths resulted Srom the principal

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firm and establish this connection. Both occurred in girls,

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were admitted duriucj the week, against 2l7 and ITS in the previous two

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M.B., London. CW) Dr. W. G. Willoughby, Plymouth; Mr. H. W.

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irritation, on the one hand through the C.S. nerves of the

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had been in labour two and a-half days. On .arrival I found

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temperature was 101.2° F., pulse 112; respirations, chiefly

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To Messrs. Berne. Chavasse, Cotton, Drake, Godwin, Grafton, James,

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the like. In Yorkshire there has been some increase of the

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ulceration. When I visited him at Naples his disease was making such

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also experience of the disease last week. At both Burton and

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report to the Surrey County Council is most valuable. He

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As the myoma continued to bleed from the pnncture, the

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mum in the following year, it miglit have been supposed that

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The Librarian of the College will be pleased to give further

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Dr. Abraham showed a man, aged' 30, who displayed well-

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to tlie difHculties attending cliemioal investigations on living

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of the class of Professors Maoewen and Ogston would have

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Sanitary Commissioner tell us, out of his wealth of figures, if

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these positions assumed by the limb are easily overcome,

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marquises or even barons, and Lord Kelvin is the only priest

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very limited epidemics. Not long ago it was familiar in hos-

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The physiology of these glands, however, has entered 'on a

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in 187G, and at Glasgow in 1875. As regards diphtheria, it is

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March 4th. The annual rate of mortality in these towns, which had

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females, the average age of the males being 29.53, and of the

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