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almost constant headache, much palpitation and dyspnoea,
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adherence to the walls of the orbit, to the ocular muscles, and evfen to the
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genital organs were totally wanting. 4. ]\Iary Putnam Jacobi'" cites a
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least — has the disease. At homes of typhoid fever
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eter, that it is extremely plausible to infer that they
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Thus given it is a refreshing drink, improves the appetite, and, if a glass
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a large, foul abscess has been opened, the wound is not generally clean
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tor present in syphilitic subjects possesses a comple-
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10. Integument Atrophy: .\. Sign of Diagnostic Importance
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gauze) the solution is placed in sterile centrifuge
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kin, folding up the napkin and placing it in a paper
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the sac, or divide it and tie the two portions together, one knot upon another.
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human and aviary tuberculosis, has incidentally yielded a number of inter-
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Sommer, Robert. — Klinik fiir psychische und nervose
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of tribromophenol ; and, secondly, because the latter is more antiseptic than
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make a noise — until they lose their naturalness, and
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the formal dedication of the building. The local committee
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one days after the injection, the reaction was posi-
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of medical and economic statistician and assistance in edit-
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lation. Of the total number of deaths, 145 were luider
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ing hazy. The probe revealed the anterior wall necrotic.
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are useless, and. as to prevention, soft hats are pre-
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forces. The properties of the cells which determine the character of
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3. There is no danger of electric shock to the ])a-
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gastroptosis may cause lesions of continuity in the
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in the presence of acute suppurative processes threatening the integrity
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licnt. This is a feature of instruments connected to
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pulmonic second sound is normal and compensation is now established.
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breaks clearly due to highly infected water or milk
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to the topographical idea, for the adequate exploita-
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case reported by Hauff where he performed an autopsy on a woman aged
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Cole, Blase, First Lieutenant, ^Medical Reserve Corps.
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so that it can be given dry and be washed down with a drink of water. A
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But the pathologist and bacteriologist sees another aspect of the pic-
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in this day of the automobile dry cells are readily
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