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extensive experiments that the metabolism in cretins is sluggish.
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ing. In the next place I would advise an all-milk dietary. It may
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demonstrated that the rate and thoroughness of protein digestion is
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of an aneurysm being thus the cause of haemoptysis should be pres-
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The mental condition improves pari passu with the physical.
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neurofibril preparation resulted from the formaldehyd fixed material.
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rank or affinity, either within themselves or in respect of the thing
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as is diabetes mellitus, a morbid process of general nature, characterized
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from scurvy, while many of them eat peas and beans frequently. These
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big for the valves. Instead of two, three or four ringers may be
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Table 7 venous stasis has been used to determine whether an actual
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sometimes furnishes excellent service. Most remarkable relief is
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ally of the nervous system or of the heart. Retardation of the action
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In December she had a baby and nursed it until middle of April, when she
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Physical examination showed the periosteoradial and epigastric reflexes
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emptying, and thus obtain for the tissues a freer irrigation with blood.
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venes later may make itself manifest, with the development of in-
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three times as common among patients with granular kidneys as in
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dozen, or even a few hundred cases of pneumonia, to show the influence
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associated with them are separate bodies of dark color, which are
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villages. It seems to me quite possible that the recent increase in
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The infusion was practically inactive in strengths up to 1 to 500.
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This decrease in the daily elimination of uric acid, iron and urobilin
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In other cases the dyspnoea is less continuous; it occurs in
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diseases and concludes from his observations that the alkalinity of the
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changes of myocarditis may likewise lead to rupture; thus an abscess
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rather be attributed to the disease itself. But preference is in all
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Pappenheim, seems unlikely from the results obtained in these experi-
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treatment showed little or no effect on the intensity of fixation. Other
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The urine may be quite normal, especially in the early stages of
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felt a distinct vibratory thrill, though the fremitus is by no means as
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papillse anaemic, while the arteries, reduced to threads of extreme
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Those experiments in which auriculoventricular rhythm developed