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of the different characteristics of the 3 malarial species, which can be noted in a

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10th. She was rather better of her symptoms, but the

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tion, 3 years ; female, 8. Kyphosis, lordosis In lumbar region,

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Atldress on tln^ (liilies and reuiuiieratiou of medical wit-

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portion to that contained in the former portions. AVe feel confident that this

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Amputation at Shoulder-Joint. — A boy had his arm injured

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Case 2. — F. X., aged 32, telephoned me about half -past

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ing the chill did she complain of discomfort, and so in-

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side, the original settler, John Hall, came over with Governor Bradford's

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family have ever suffered from a defect in the speech in any way.

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proposed for the treatment of tuberculosis, but none has a specific influ-

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tion of paralysis from interference of the nerves by pressure tend to

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tibia which could be investigated through this optn-

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centa, a rent was felt, and a large hernia through it. The intestines were

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Persons who were in the city and who visited the country had mild attacks.

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anti-spasmodics as Castor and Assafoetida, by Octavius Horatianus, Avicenna, Mesne,

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temperature, with frequency of the pulse, and, not infrequently, the signs

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ought to be the conclusion. It will be strengthened

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occurrence of -whicli rendei'S it absolutely essential for the cure of the disease

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check the returning seizures. I have seen a case in which chloro-

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It is a drug which, under certain conditions, may be valuable,

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in the zone of development of the epiphyseal cartilages, and, on the other

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alleviation of the cerebral affection that constituted tlie predominant

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cerebral plethora, pulmonary congestion, nausea, vomiting,

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nection of the fibres of the pyramidal tract with the large cells of the anterior

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is most easily digested and most nourishing. Avoid all excite-

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and depressing remedies are diaphoretic, such as antimony, ipecacuanha,

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in character. In one instance mentioned by Dr Gee there was general

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teria. It is always suggestive of persistent constipation,

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watery discharges from the bowels, the motions, being in general invol-

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rhages, and effusions may occur in the pericardium. The