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glands, but must with greater reason be considered as a necessary consequence
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toms. Moreover, I have to observe, that sometimes enlargement of the thyroid
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and have been maintained there for a time, can we hope to breed
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plastic changes seen in the thyroids of his experimental dogs may have
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markedly smaller. During fifty days of treatment of this patient
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Before entering upon the inquiry into the diseases of the organs, Dr. C.
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the filtrate into monkeys. Howard and Clark found that mos-
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six years, lately becoming more marked. He had lightning pains, difficulty
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lexapro waking up at night crazy
November 12, 1912, he had an attack of nausea with violent bloody vomit-
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colour, the larger patches having a small ash-coloured slough in their centres:
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in mind when making up our diagnosis, which is, that inflammation almost al-
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5. The statement in paragraph four is equally true for the 130
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solid line = cardiac rate per minute. Lower solid line = conduction (P-R) time in
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extent of the disease, and the occurrence of hepatization between the gan-
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"The next and last form of secondary syphilis, which appeared in these cases,
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foreign sources of infection." — Vol. I. p. 307. Is this to take for
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obtained from certain cases of exophthalmic goitre.
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