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thin liver bile. Free drainage tends to discourage ascent of infection, reduce
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theory and its scientific verification, like other facts of this
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paper in the discussion was read by the Ignited States
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If the preceding view of this subject be correct — and that it is, we
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firmly embraced with the torsion forceps as close as possible to
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rest, and exhibit contractions at some certain spot. Finally, we
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successful in the cure of hooping cough by the tincture, ten or a dozen
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white of the spot presented the characters of a scar.
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ing the loud first sound of mitral stenosis. There was no
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found inadequate to the explanation of physiological pheno-
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again, we shall lind a new area of dullness which corresponds
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Prevention, In many respects uncinariasis is one of the
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difficult to cure an ague, which otherwise is a veiy manageable
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will increase without suitable regulations. The methods of the
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tally, a rupture of the ligaments must have been the conse-
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Fig. 456. Cross-section of the cervical cord (after Obersteiner).
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The debate is to be resumed on the next meeting of the academy. Regard-
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dissimilar appearances may be presented in sections through different parts of
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And again, in alluding to an operation by Mr. Lizars
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lungs would doubtless often be cured spontaneously, were it not tlie
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through the glottis suflflciently for the production of the voice, he was
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rhagia, whether due to simple atony, to fibroids, or even more severe organic
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years old, causing death on the fifth day (E. Bellamy) . . 195
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membrane came away, which on gross examination appeared to consist of
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the Treatment of Diseases of the Skin ?— Dr. I.. D. Bulkley, of
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strength of about 1 : 10 where the presence of a parasite is sus-