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found sufhcient to avoid any antiseptic action of the disinfectant

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presented themselves for Examination; showing the number that passed, and did

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brother states, such as the patient now presents. Since her first

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shortly after drooped. 3.58. — Convulsed. 4.2. — Dead. Dead in

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used — that containing bisulphite of soda — when administered in the

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tion can be derived, with certainty, from the records of the Dublin

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not a vesical sac or prolongation of the mucous membrane.

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After an account of the dangers of tin's operation in adults, and

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symptoms that the patient always demanded its re-employment

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mended, but moderate amounts of ham or any smoked meat may be given.

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of pain there have been prolonged paroxysms of choreo-convulsive

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times a day in a bitter infusion. This treatment began on the 24th

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The deep colony is a pin-point-sized, white, opaque speck with regular border;

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igain. 3.23. — Forty drops more were injected. It was doubtful

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from calcium chloride or lactate, the diet must be very carefully regu-

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friend is now a firm believer in the air of Ward X., though still a

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Hewer (1906) found short, small, non-motile bacillus; Gram negative; fine, white

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a soul, in the opinion of many, is altogether an open question.

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ments (Winslow and Phelps, 1907). The third filter (C) was just

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the individual is obliged to work, should be one to keep him as much as

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Preflagellate stage. — -The infection probably begins in the anterior

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plete laking. This experiment was repeated twice, using sera from

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seized with fever, and furnished the worst cases ; so that a greater

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or passive movements; in others, Oertel's "terraincur," or walking,

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many individuals with diabetes of a light grade may be so fat that they

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These symptoms, of course, are characteristic of cachectic condi-

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