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accession of fever. There was no ^&[CQ^i^}o\e,frottement, but the action

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Total number of patients evacuated to the U. S.— to April 29, 1919—119,974.

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irritants does not develop in marked degree, for some minutes at the

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in cases of carbuncle. If the patient is not too low he should go

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before you also. The progress of the case was witnessed by several prac-

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self out of a garret-window. We found him violently delirious ; but

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The fit was then, however, so slight, that I was doubtful concerning

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and to be repeated every hour during the paroxysm. This pre-

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Abstract of a Report made to the Mass. Horn. Med, Soc, Oct. 1868.

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Traver, Newton H., M.D., Almont, Lapeer County, Mich.

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ing amebas, and, in their figures 1 to 3, typical representatives of the

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of making a jpod mortem examination, I found the entire cellular

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tijh , hard and round, half a yard high (plus minus)

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it is not sharp enough to cut the uterine substance

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wdth a certain proportion of water. Now, when a compound fluid, such

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where the bindings of the skirts would come, etc. She had

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and is good again!! the pains of the Mother, Vapors,

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the parts were now returned within the abdomen, leaving the two

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referred : . ’tis true they are not altogether fo ftrong

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allopathy. And while we have to thank the author for the copy he

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Hibbard, G. C, M.D., Mt. Morrisr Livingston County, N. Y,

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in that city since he settled there, eleven years previously, and that he

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physicians to show what new virtues have been found in Digitalis;

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dry, and the patient presenting that kind of spurious excitement which

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In the third place the structure of the nucleus is that of E. nana.

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that from the right ear began to be thin and abominably fetid, the

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toches, it is stated, hi s announced his intention of planting in the

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health. One evening, while at play, the child fell from a sofa, in-

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be the fruit of liaisons where such a result was least to be expected.

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to greater usefulness. Have they a medical society in Gotham ? I

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You are aware that we give sedatives and narcotics to tranquillise,

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dollars of that amount was all that now could be relied upon. The

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