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Aug. 1 , the death-rate was 14.4. Deaths reported, 4,158; acute

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George Julius Engelmann, M..I), M.M.F.S., of Framingham

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the chief end in life. The average sum whicli has been

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americano, ha festeggiato il 75° anniversario della

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(April 24) he looks well; he has slight edema of the ankles;

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duty at Portland, Me., and directed to report at Bureau for

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S500.00 be placed to its credit, to defray expenses

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charge at the time of examination, or, (inallv, the

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arm. His hand grasp wa.s good, but there was general

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tionally low deathrate for this season of the year.

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the view, not of affecting metabolism, but of reduc-

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Packard, M.D. The Principles and Practice of Surgery.

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He also notes that it is a stimulant to the respira-

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*0., cloudy; C, clear; F., fair; G., fog; H., hazy; S., smoky;

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of cases in which they have used Bossi's dilator, all

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system so that by the time it reaches the upper por-

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and also makes it the duty of the state registrar to see

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valuable sympathy, for tliere are many worthy people

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R. B. Chapman, acting assistant surgeon. Ordered to duty

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that disturbances in the digestion of fats, starches

kemadrin injection administration

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GE^-TLEJIEX, — I feel deeply the honour you have con-

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'■ Hamilton : Journ. Med. Research, vili, p. 11, 1902.

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H. B. FiTTS, surgeon. Detached from the Naval Hospital,

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tests were made, and in the absence of a " positive "

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1.029 at 60° F. In estimating the percentage of fat

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typhoid except those on the ' Cornwall ' have been traced

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an old endocarditis. I am aware that tliis diagnosis