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patient, aged twenty-five, who had not been treated for
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singular as it may seem, it is comparatively within a recent
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city, that of Mr. Murray's is the largest ever made in Canada
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155. To unload, posts are taken and the patient lifted in the same way
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slight feeling of illness. In more severe cases the symptoms of general
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chest persisted, although less severe. At thLs time also there were
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the jugular sac by means of the thoracic duct. In the embryo there are
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peared to afford temporary relief. For two or three days the
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same bed with a sufferer, and yet remain in the best of health ; and
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sell, at auction, the unserviceable property of Hospitals
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as to the diversity of parts, there is no doubt but the framing
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(A). External parasites cause such diseases as scab in
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idiosyncrasies of his patient. In conclusion, I can only say my prac-
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tion are not to be broken up except as they interfere with the work in
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Undoubtedly it is. It is well known that all combinations,
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referred, in particular, to his own research as to the in-
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Tlie prescribed dOSe produces a feeling of buoyancy,
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deaf people, are constructed with an ear peg to fit into the external
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taneous injection of ether or whiskey. Should these
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respiratory tract infection, numbering about five daily, before the
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on the digestive surfaces, in consequence of the irritating nature
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departments, without reference to their nationalties ; they
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gatives of the antientsVere very ftrong ; for they fre-
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relieved by the operation. The case which died with-
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Regxdationfi icith reference to all Animals. — "Xo rabid animals
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natural forces, even after the reservoirs and natural
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Dr. Stauffer concluded from his experience that the manometer
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Celsus and Cselius Aurelianus, of course, are there too. Paracelsus,
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(2) Increase output by maintaining workers in good health.
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pendent existence, but only as one of the manifestations of a general
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bearers are able to collect the wounded in what was "no
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Fifth. — A pregnant lady may become frightened or annoyed by some dis-
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1904 k. — Persian sheep and heartwater < Agric. J., Cape Town, v. 25 (2), Aug. 1,