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because the former utilizes more aids (e. g., sense of innervation).
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time may be near the same time with either kind of platelets, while
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berg or swaying symptom; that knee-jerk was lost; that sensation
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the bed but do not tuck them under the mattress. Fold them under on
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that we are in error in stating, as is usually done, that the palmaris longus is
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took a series of experiments in the Penitentiary Hospital with the full-
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In ancient days, when parchments were scarce, old manuscripts were
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readers take an interest in such forms of disease of the skin, and think
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the inspection gorged himself upon a huge cruller ; the
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Philadelphia Medical Journal acted upon the conviction
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absence of upward movement on swallowing, and by the history, the blood
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It touches upon all those '* little things" not usually mentioned in text-books, and that
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scheme of practice. But all in act, if not in word, now
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Iron Pipes. — Nearly all waters attack iron pipes, corroding them
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mother developed pellagra. One died with hives at 4 months ; one
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half-disteriftd cavities, and the pulse is scarcely to be perceived,
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reason on being better surgeons than we were in those
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be paid to any imperfection of the epidermis, while the strength of the
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light of the recent discovery by Howell that vagus inhibition is
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Economics and The Wall Street Journal, Brant Mittler,
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slight and transient disturbing influence. The white lithates are
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compression by a tumour or enlarged glands, or it may be brought on by
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culur casies the origin is doubtful : possibly injury may i^e an
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ject Cataloijue— a specimen fasciculus of which has
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profession, the college problem is a serious one, for it
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labor had been prolonged and degenerative changes had
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an error about. They think that everj hysterical man or
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protection for physicians who unilaterally deny a patient
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described and simple enough — on paper. The ends,
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claiming that any operation may kill — peuttuer — and
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inversion. The vagina was filled with a firm, yet compressible, globular, and
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on change of weather : experienced great relief on making nose free,
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before he had fallen and dislocated his right hip. This was
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muscular individuals, and particularly in women with well-developed
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may rupture and profuse haemorrhage follow. This is especially the case
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portion of these cases there has been obvious defect in this region, but
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I am sure that we should not let this very excellent paper pass
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of these degenerations are also causes of nephritis.
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use the mildest expression— simply incredible on her own part
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Corns often become very painfully troublesome, to prevent
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appointed by the Poor Law Commission roported that to him at the outset it
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more than it is as to the birds above the houseto]>9. He says :
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which promises finally to solve the question as to the
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His contention for the operation is that the danger of
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tion, and means of prevention should be instituted such as best
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adduct the limb freely. This wide abduction with flexion