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effect of the curved and waving line which her dress naturally assumes, if

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more properly speaking, in Hindostan, the spasmodic cholera is not a

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6om complication with haemorrhages and inflammatory exudations;

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1883, she had a first attack of watery discharge from the

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edy against malarial infection, especially of the chronic type, in many

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other unnatural excitants, it has its evil effects. Hypertrophies and scir-

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disease, obstructing the outflow or permitting reflux. Under any or all of

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Homen's total statistics include 141 cases treated by free incision,

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lobsters, almost any kind of food, ment two to six weeks. If the skin

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even at the temperature of boiling, they did not think it attributable

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The mention of Parliament reminds me that the shadow

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precipitation of the bismuth will take place at its site and

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follows, so far as the portions which pass to the third and fourth digits are

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of the pulmonary and costal pleura. Later, serous, sanguinolent

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men, regulated exercise, suspension from study, attention to diet, and

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suddenly seized with exquisite pain in the right knee, increased

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among practical people, young and old, in our profession, as mere

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slightest bronchial catarrh, the patient not having power

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2. The radio-medial or anterior from the radius to the media.

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In order to elucidate the structure and development I shall give a

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he read his paper on this subject before the Academy

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the skin, the intestine, and the kidneys. Diuretics are con-

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may be wanting; as a rule, systemic disturbances become more marked

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during the evening. The next day, in the afternoon, he had a moderate chill,

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the same. No cutaneous trophic olianges. Thighs moderately wasted, with

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alcohol at 90°, gave an abundant precipitate. This was filtered and evapo-

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Dressed at 6 p.m. Venous haemorrhage on removing plug, but not so

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to hospital. There was evidently fracture of the 11th dorsal

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justification in the vast array of apparatus devised by