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their color depends materially on the decomposition of water and the carbonic gas.
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a scheme. Knowing Mrs. M 's good natured wit, and her skill in the use of
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disease developed on board amongst the ship's company, his being
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of pernicious anemia? And if not, in what cases is it advisable?
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affection for some months, and never appeared at the hospital with-
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toms and physical signs of the different groups correspond largely
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to the chorea. He, however, made out no connectbn between the
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that viscus — ^the stone is not reached, and the operation has to
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exciting or determining the choreic state, it wHl be seen that out of the
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before dense fibrous tissue has invested the part, with oblitera-
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times daily, and only so much tea as will satisfy thirst. Or else 2 ounces of
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of attention to the wants of the soldiers in the field and the
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crystallizable hematin. When these matters are expelled by the
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at all. Dr. Jackson contends, however, that cerebral hemor-
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quences that frequently follow from it. Every female who undergoes any of the
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Order of the House of Commons.) 8vo. Pp. 365. 1867.
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second day, or about thirty-six hours after the first spoonful of
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from one generation to another, of a character that develops itself in cancer in the
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remains much to be explored by future investigators.^ How
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cal^ and its duration would probably be short. Putting it out of
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August 15, 1921: Still improving. Today received 1 gm. of
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Case 23. — Helen C — , set. four months. Found dead in bed.
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how induced.) It is a violation of the laws of nature; and when these laws, whe-
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They have been executed on steel by Mrs. Wormley, and are
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Particularly in tin; line of groceries is this business of adulteration carried to an
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When administered to under the knowledge gained by the use of the Lung Ba-
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on mental or physical exertion. Prior to his admission the patient
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parietal lobule and the absence of all other symptoms would
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and when they are involved the pubis is affected in only 6 per
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cystic tumour of the uterus,'^ and has been often mistaken for
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examined the offending member, in various fights, in order to the understanding of
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animals and the refuse of the streets, exposed to the force of
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adjuvants may be employed at the same time, such as inunctions of oil
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very summarily and very satisfactorily disposed of. 2nd. That
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a '^ nitrogenized material :'' so that he proposes to discard the term
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followed by 2 ounces of Epsom salts the next day. The calomel
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ing, yet in which no evacuation of the gastric contents occurs. In
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to avoid creating alann among the population. It does not seem
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postponed them on ascertaining that m^ friend Dr. TuckweU, of
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Brightique" are not synonymous. But Dr. Dickinson shows