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A letter to Lord 80 Aberdare, chairman of the managing committee of the Hospital for Sick See, also, ITIiillcr (J.) On tlie nature and structural. Die Biider Sclilcsieiis in ibrcm tlierapeu tisi-lien migraines Wertli iind in ilneii Indieatifnien. In this case, it is possible that very marked improvement will follow the administration of hyoscyamine and strychnine valerate in rather large doses. Other persons have attempted to rid their ranges of the weed by digging, but the cost of this method, in my experience, is prohibitive. Das Weseii, die BedentniiL;' iind die iirzt seciilo tlonuM'nnt complectentes: mg. At the present I will call the attention of the readers to the use of mitchella, or partridge-berry, in preparing women for labor. He told my mother at the time, I remember, that he had been using atropine in various kinds of hemorrhage for a long time; he said he had never read anything about its use in such cases in any text-book or medical journal, but had run onto it accidentally in his practice. As you diminish dosage, the built-in tapering aaion of Valium and Vilrelease will help avoid rapidly recurring anxiety symptoms and symptoms of withdrawal, and will help ease when therapeutic goals have been achieved. But it possesses the two crippling disadvantages of often failing to control vs bleeding and of leaving an infected uterus to do its work later on. (Secretary Maj'o read his report, as follows:) The Association has now an active membership in good standing of sixty-three have been effects dropped for nonpayment of dues. In general he felt that we are apt to give syphilis too great weight in the consideration of the amentias.

On tbe use of auscultation and percussion iu tbe diagnosis of diseases of tbe organs of respiration and circulation, with directions for tbe employment of inspection, succussion, palpation, and mensuration of uses tbe thorax,.