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In the first stage the skin and subcutaneous tissue may appear normal,

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that the colon bacillus is somewhat more prevalent in women than in men,

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motion of the lids and the lessened sensitiveness of the cornea, ulceration is

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prompt but transitory, but can be kept up by repeated injections.

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may become encapsulated, or absorbed with subsequent contraction of the

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seems accidental. Atrophy of the muscles of the limbs is sometimes a marked


As Hunt says: "It seems possible that a thyroid may be ineffective

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' Ills, hut tlio relatively small amo\iiit of availalile ccrehrospinal tliiiil.

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believe, with Pansini and Benenati, that the pigment is formed by the cells

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of local tenderness, the hoiur at which it comes on, duration, frequency of

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