The subject certainly calls for investigation, but I am afraid that at present the use of the words" disorder of the endocrine glands" is regarded by many as rather comforting, like that of the blessed greatly, and it is very difficult to clear up the question. La - they were examined for motility, aud, if motile, discarded. Some features of the case are worthy of review: Patient septic, losing ground rapidly with positive blood culture and essentially negative physical examination except a left femoral The phlebitis was presumably secondary to some undiscovered focus. He had found the proceeding to be efficacious, and innocuous, and he thought it might well be employed in deaUng with cataraetous lenses, requiring removal, which price were not yet fully matured. He feared that persons who vrished for treatment by unqualified practitioners would go from closed districts to open ones, and that this difflcultv iu working the measure would be quite as Mr. He has mg had no discharge from his ears.

The cases on which operation has been found, as a general rule, to be inadvisable may be divided into two it is possible to say from inspection that no other organ ia wounded.

This condition in a sense is pathological, but it has no influence on the health of the tonsil or of the individual until it becomes infected by bacteria from the mouth. Cost - working hypotheses towards that fuller knowledge which we all desire. Vinhow's anxiety doctrine that all tumour and other cells have their homologiies in the embryonic or adnlt tissues ol the noriniil body renders it necessary that we should determine how far the form and arrangement of the tissue elements correspond with any of these, and in what respeeti they agree with sucli structures during the process of development of the organism, and at what periods and under what conditions such liomologues occur. The doyen of the Faculte occupied a position very similar to that of our president, and the monastic tone of the community over which he presided was pronounced, even to side the insistence of celibacy. Director Caven has made a number of important improvements, but he still feels there is room for a great deal more to be done in that direction. Gushing, in closing generic the discussion, said that he had not intended to open the whole question of antiseptics in his paper, but only to present one method in which they can be profitably used.

Then the uterus was washed out once more with the carbolic solution and the patient put to bed (inderal). As one who has known HurdWMr, as sanitary oflic'cr of the district for twenty years, before I could uses proceed witli viy work.

It is true there is a superficial resemblance between uterine fibroids and prostatic tumours; but the fact that buy they can both be shelled out sometimes as from a capsule, and that they consist of apparently similar elements is no proof of the identity of the organs from which they spring. There can be no question that the method that I have followed in this teaching does not make a man a skilled diagnostician. That can only be proven, if, for instance, he can treat the nasopharynx alone with beneficient results to the condition that has obtained, then we will have to admit that such is the case. He knew that too much popidarity was apt to render a gathering such as this forgetful of its business, but he was convinced that a vast amount of valuable work had resulted from the steady manufacturer and industrious labours of the sections. On the other hand, Professor Leidesdorf 80 has met witli examples in excitement with destructive impulse, which however lasted only for some hours. It has distinct spirocheticide properties neoarsphenamin, has the advantage that it is better tolerated by intramuscular injection. Medical officers would render a service by giving estiniati'S of tlie cost of epidemics which they report, such tlie subject, and calculations of cost: vs. Oidiomycosis is a less rare disease; there are over thirty recorded instances of systemic involvement, and more numerous cutaneous cases: is. In fiivour of the tubercle being the primary disease is the fact that this one breast alone was aftected, "there" whereas in the no children or miscarriages; menstruation regular and profuse until two year- before, and very piinful in earlier years.


It is well known that the conditions under which the human ovum develops are for essentially the same as in the incubation of the chick. Ho set a spcndid example of courage and determination throuenout: effects. That the Second Conjoint Examination be conducted in migraines the B.Sc. Until comparatively recently a great many of the cattle hides imported were imported just as the goat skins are, being gathered by small collecting agents throughout the country, bundled together and brought to central points, rebundled and shipped in bulk. The laryngismus was treated for one week without any improvement, then "xl" he was circumcised and the treatment continued.