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couched in winning terms, she placed her hand in his, and was at once, in spite
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reaction. In 2 cases there was a partial reaction, but the gall
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efficiently and successfully used in gastralgia, laborious digestion, acid eructations, nausea, debility, and nervous
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physician. Civil and military authorities rely implicitly on
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union. After the borders of the fissure have been freshened the de-
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which she is connected. All these allegations, absurd as
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Eoyal Society (Philosophical Transactions of the Boyal Society, vol.
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action. It is most superficial in its action, but possesses
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elsewhere negativing the theory of its origin (intestine of man or
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may be given every hour or two until the stools contain fecal matter and no
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vague. A general improvement is visible in the patient ; he becomes
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longer, and exhausts the patient, particularly if he already be enfee-
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shall be elected by and from the House of Delegates
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the far more agreeable calves' foot jelly substituted 'for it. I have
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dectomy was followed by death in from four to twenty-
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And now if we make him close his eyes he at once tends to fall.
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symptom, and a few cases are encountered in most epidemics in which
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were used for entertainment for the state convention.
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culation becomes very slow and is insufficient to nourish
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29; Vienna, 20; Prague, 30; Buda-Pesth, 33; Venice,
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rare among our own profession. I have several times been told
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several of them died. Colonel Twiggs and Major Payne
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locally. An excellent manner of making fomentations is to place
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of the subject, taking place more rapidly in the skeletons of the young : they
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sweat, legs and arms extremely cold, pulse small, soft, compressible,
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virulence of the plague, and a fifth of the whole popu-
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upon learning of barbarous cruelties, but nothing can surpass medical
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a severe gastric disorder, with vomiting, absolute intolerance of the stomach,
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bloodvessels and the heart should also receive attention. These
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field, Mass., Medical Association (private) ; Philadelphia
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non-pregnant uterus, may be quit', 1 devoid of pain, however —
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signs. In scarlatina sine eruptione there is occasionally found a well-
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fever, and erysipelatous fever. The extraordinary difference