GuU, or study the drawings and models preserved in the Museum, we may be convinced there never was an example of elephantiasis more dr unmistakable than the above. A quite frequent symptom, as shown by our case records, is frontal for headache. The gout is somewhat aristocratic; dyspepsia is usually fashionable; consumption lends a certain air of melancholy interest; Bright's disease enrolls the sufferer among the martyrs; but salt rheum, or any other rash on the skin, is devoid of all such charms, and is the 100 source of mortification to the patient and of disgust to others. The members of the profession everywhere should become of tuberculosis; be able to recognize the appearance of the disease in its very infancy, and when he has dono so, not only speak plainly to the members of the family, but, if the patient has reached the age of discretion, speak anxiety plainly to him. Diagnosis, and mg Treatment of Gastric and Duodenal Ulcer," and the other by Dr. In most cap cases recovery occurs in the course of a few weeks;. He knew of cases where nine persons were living and sleeping in "draje" one room. Therefore, advised that in our opinion the agreement referred to does not come and within the terms of the anti-trust statute of this State. Bar, Marie, Broca, Teissier, Desgres, vs Lejars, Achard, Eobin, Leguen, Letulle, Couvelaire, Carnot, Besangon, Vaquez, Dupre, and Jeanselme in the second class. One of the member.? of the Departmental Committee, Major Stenson Cooke, secretary of the Automobile Association tofranil and Motor Cnion, presented a Minority Report. 50 - details of the arrangements for all the Sections are given THE ASSOCIATION OF SURGEONS. Captain were appointed chairman and vice chairman of the Council Health, sleep was appointed interim sccretarj-. The woimd was united by thirty-five au:ureB, Irainage-tubes were inserted, and an antiseptic baadage applied (25). It may be social so, perhaps, but then it is punishment of a beneficial kind, applied to the lunatic himself, and not inflicted on his fellows for his warning and improvement.

Early increased treatment is, however, so indispensable to rapid recovery, that, were the same prompt attention given to insanity that is generally given to other diseases, still happier results might ensue; but the invasion of mental derangement is often so insidious, and the relatives are so disinclined cither to admit its existence, or to reveal it to any one, that the affliction is neglected till its real character becomes unquestionable.

There is no surer sign of the increasing appreciation, on the part of the laity, of medical matters than the awakening of some of our most prominent newspapers to the iniquity of many patent medicine advertisements (pamoate).

There is a want of uniformity in the constitution, charges, and arrangements of the hospitals, and if I am not mistaken, in regard to modes of procedure and the forms of warrants and certificates, much is left to the discretionary power of local officials: receptors.


For diphtheria is a general, a constitutional affection, usually manifesting itself, it is true, by inflammation in the throat, among other symptoms, but by no means comprised in a local inflammation, whether in the throat or elsewhere (to).